Dental Risks For Those Struggling With Bulimia

Posted on: 11 September 2015


Bulimia is an eating disorder where the person affected with the illness will binge eat and then force themselves to throw up afterwards. There are many ways bulimia is bad for your health. It can lead to you becoming too thin and malnourished, cause damage to your esophagus, lead to acid reflux, cause you to become dehydrated, cause low blood pressure and many other health problems. Bulimia can also lead to serious dental issues.

Sores in the mouth: When you vomit, the strong acids from your stomach will come up into your mouth. This can lead to you developing painful sores on the inside of your mouth. Not only do these sores hurt, but they can also become infected.

Irritation in your mouth and throat: The acids can also cause your mouth and throat to feel irritated. This irritation can feel like a stinging feeling.

Chapped and cracked lips: Since excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration, it can cause your lips to become so dry that they become chapped that they can even crack.

Bad breath: Repeated bouts of vomiting can lead to severe bad breath. Not only are those foods coming back into your mouth after they have begun the digestion process, but the acids from your stomach also have a foul smell to them.

Bleeding and tender gums: The acids constantly being present in your mouth can quickly lead to gum disease. One of the first signs you may have gum disease will be bleeding and tender gums. Your gums may also start to show signs of swelling and have a duller appearance during the beginning stages of gum disease.

Teeth discoloration and deterioration: The stomach acids making their way into your mouth will take a toll on your teeth. First, the enamel of your teeth will be attacked. This will affect the color of your teeth and cause them to become weaker. After a while the enamel will be completely compromised and you will also be at a higher risk for tooth decay.

If you have struggled or currently are struggling with bulimia, you want to make sure you see a doctor for help with the condition. You also want to make sure you get in to see a dentist at a clinic like Nitro Family Dentistry, so they can help repair any damage you've done to your teeth. After any cavities or other issues are treated, they may also be able to help get your white smile back. Teeth whitening products may be an option if you still have enough enamel to work with. Otherwise, they may be able to use bonding or veneers to give you a whiter smile.