Tips For Taking Your Toddler To The Dentist

Posted on: 13 December 2015


If it's time for you to bring your toddler in for a dental exam, then you want to do your best to make the appointment go as smoothly as possible. It can be hard for a toddler to spend a good amount of time in an office, and they may get fidgety and cranky in the dental chair. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make the appointment go easier on yourself, your child and the dental staff. This article will provide you with ideas to have an easier time at the dentist with your toddler.

Feed your child right before you leave for the appointment

Even if your toddler's appointment is an hour or two after meal time, you should give them something to eat right before you leave for the appointment. A hungry toddler can become irritable and harder to settle down.

Bring a bag full of new toys

You should do a little shopping ahead of time and stock up on a couple new toys, a few children's books, a new coloring book and some crayons. Having access to toys your toddler has never seen before will keep them occupied much longer than toys they are already familiar with.

Ask for the first appointment

When your child's appointment is in the middle of the day, you may get caught waiting for a long time in the waiting room. This is hard on young children who have a lot of energy and a short attention span. Getting the first appointment in the morning, or the first appointment when the staff comes back from lunch, can make the wait time significantly shorter.

Don't feed your child sugary foods the day of the appointment

Giving your child a sugary cereal for breakfast or fruit punch with their lunch are a couple of examples of things that can give them more energy. It's best to stick to non-sweet foods that day so your toddler will be calmer.

Don't have your child sit in the dental chair until it is necessary

Once you get called back to the exam room, there may be a wait before the dentist makes their way into the room. Allow your child to sit in a different chair or walk around the room until the dentist comes in. This way, your child won't get tired of sitting in that chair and start throwing a tantrum and not following the dentist's instructions.

Hopefully the tips in this writing will help you to get through your toddler's dental appointment with less frustration. For more help, contact a dental professional like Sarah M. LYNCH DMD.