• 3 Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Fix Multiple Issues

    Cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity, and while teeth whitening is still one of the main go-to procedures, some cosmetic procedures fix multiple issues at once. If you would like to know more, check out these three cosmetic dental procedures to consider for a smile transformation. 1. Dental Bonding Dental bonding is often used to fix chips, but it can also fix a wide variety of cosmetic issues, including: Discoloration that doesn't respond to teeth whitening Small cracks in the enamel which may increase the risk of tooth discoloration Minor gapping between teeth Dental bonding can also be used to make your tooth look longer, and it may be able to hide minor overlapping and crooked teeth.
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  • Understanding Full Mouth Rehabilitation

    Full mouth rehabilitation is a dental treatment plan that helps restore your mouth to optimal health and function. This comprehensive approach includes a variety of treatments that aim to improve your oral health. These treatments can range from dental restorations—such as fillings, crowns, and bridges—to cosmetic treatments—such as veneers and whitening. In addition, full mouth rehab can also involve non-surgical treatments such as periodontal therapy and orthodontics. Here is what happens when you and your dentist decide you are going to need this type of care.
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