You May Want To Put A Tattoo On That New Dental Crown

Posted on: 23 November 2015


If you are going to be getting a crown on one of your teeth and you think you would like a tattoo put on the crown, then you should learn how the process works and the options you have. A crown tattoo is considered permanent, so make sure it's something you are going to want to have on your tooth indefinitely.

The information below can be used to help you decide whether or not you should go through with getting a crown tattoo or decide against it.

How to get a crown tattoo

When you are at the dentist discussing options for your crown, such as the material you want to go with, let them know you also want a tattoo put on it. You will need to furnish them with all the necessary information such as the exact design, the color you want and how much of the crown you want covered by the tattoo. The lab will place the tattoo design on the crown during the final stages of production.

Considerations when choosing the design

There are some things you want to consider before you choose your design. You want to make sure you go with something that's not going to be mistaken for a piece of food stuck on your tooth. An example of this would be a green clover and how it could be mistaken for a piece of broccoli.

Some examples of good designs are sports logos, letters, distinctive shapes and anything else that's easy to recognize on a very small scale.

If you decide you no longer want the tattoo

Even though tattoos are permanent there are ways you can have them removed. This is also true for tattoos on dental crowns. However, the process for having a crown tattoo removed isn't nearly as big of a deal as having a tattoo removed from your skin.

To have it removed, you will pay a visit to your dentist who will take it off by using a dental tool to grind off a few top layers of it.  

Having a tattoo put on your dental crown is a fun and creative way for you to express yourself. Having a smile with an artistic element can even make you feel like smiling more than normal. If you are going to be in need of a crown, then you want to decide on whether or not you would like to go this route before your crown is ordered from the lab. For more information talk to a professional like Smile 1st Dental Care.