Conquer Your Fear With Do-It-Yourself Dental Phobia Therapy

Posted on: 30 December 2015


Fear of going to the dentist is common, usually due to a previous bad experience or just a general fear of dental procedures. For the fear to become a phobia, the emotions connected to the situation feel overwhelming and even life-threatening, causing a debilitating mental block that prevents you from going to the dentist. The solution is within you; you can face your fear without the need for expensive or time-consuming mental health therapy.

Health Concerns

A dental phobia can quickly lead to a dire dental situation with decayed or missing teeth. Bad breath may plague those with decayed and dirty teeth as well. Your social life is severely impacted, since you avoid meeting people due to embarrassment about your smile. Additionally, poor dental health has been linked to heart disease.

Exposure Therapy

This method to overcome phobias involves breaking a particular act that is causing anxiety down into doable baby steps. Visualizing the big picture is scary and often leads to feelings of hopelessness and fear, but breaking the act down, and focusing on doing just one step, can often lead to success. The key is to do only the smallest step and to slowly get comfortable with the object of fear.

For example:

  1. Make a lists of dentists in your area who you feel will accommodate your issues. Many dentists advertise their specialization in working with people who are dental phobic.

  2. Make a "scouting" trip to the dentist office. If you feel comfortable doing so, go in and speak to the receptionist.

  3. Make an appointment for a consultation where no work will be done. You could take an opportunity to meet and speak with the dentist or agree to a brief examination only.

  4. Continue to take small, incremental steps toward your ultimate goal of have the needed work done.

Relaxation Techniques

Feelings of anxiety can manifest in physical discomforts that can become nearly crippling. You can control your feelings of fear and anxiety by using calming techniques such as deep breathing and by learning and practicing the art of meditation.

Understand Your Fear

It's sometimes helpful to focus in on exactly what particular issue or issues that are plaguing you. For example, if the thought of having your teeth cleaned makes you break out into a sweat, discuss with your dentist having an especially gentle hygienist work with you, taking the time to check your comfort level often.

Finding an understanding dental staff is paramount to successfully overcoming your fears. Make an appointment to discuss your issues with a gentle dentist and learn more about how your fears can be conquered. For more information, talk to a company like J R Gassman Inc DDS.