2 Ways To Help Your Child Count Down To Getting His Or Her Braces Removed

Posted on: 3 May 2016


Having a straight smile is considered important by many people throughout society today. To help facilitate the straightening of your child's crooked teeth, your dental professional may suggest braces. Despite the fact that an estimated 3.5 million children and teens start orthodontic treatments each year, your child may have a hard time accepting the fact that he or she needs braces.

You can help make the process of straightening teeth more exciting by helping your child count down the days to when he or she can have burdensome braces removed. Here are two creative ideas to try with your child to help take his or her mind off the amount of time braces are required.

1. Implement a reward system for wearing braces properly.

Caring for braces properly can help shorten the amount of time that your child has to wear these orthodontic appliances. By giving your child some incentive to stick to his or her orthodontist's instructions while wearing braces, you can make the process a little more exciting.

After your child's first orthodontic appointment, sit down together and create a list of several rewards. Start with smaller rewards, and work your way up to larger ones. Letting your child know that he or she will receive one reward at the end of each successful month of wearing braces properly can help the time pass more quickly.

2. Make a paper chain to track progress.

Creating a chain made from strips of paper can be a great way to help you child visually keep track of the amount of time his or her braces have been on. Have your child write one reason they will be glad they had braces in the future, or something they learned about their braces on a strip of paper at the end of each week.

Glue the ends of the paper strip together, and continue looping strips through one another to create a chain. This chain will help your child see how much progress they are making, and will serve as a way to help your child maintain a positive attitude when it comes to wearing and caring for braces properly.

Getting your child to enjoy the process of straightening his or her teeth by wearing braces can be a challenge. Try implementing a reward system or creating a positive reinforcement paper chain to help your child cope with counting down to the day his or her braces will be removed.

For more information, contact an orthodontist in your area.