4 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Posted on: 28 September 2016


There is a debate among some individuals about whether or not wisdom teeth should be extracted. Some people think that it is best to leave any teeth that are not causing pain alone. However, wisdom teeth can cause a number of issues. It is these various issues that make it sensible for everyone to consider getting their wisdom teeth extracted. 

Partial Exposure

Sometimes wisdom teeth do not fully push through the gums. When this occurs, it is possible for bacteria to get trapped in the partially impacted teeth. This will eventually set the cycle for the bacteria to colonize and cause issues. Pockets may form between the gums and wisdom teeth, and the pockets may become infected and develop gum disease. If gum disease spreads, you run the risk of having more than your wisdom teeth extracted. Advanced cases of gum disease may even cause teeth to fall out. 


This is one of the most common reasons that people have their wisdom teeth removed. Typically, pain results in a trip to the dentist's office, where a dental exam is performed. All of the wisdom teeth may not be pushing through at the time of the office visit, but it is common for dentists to recommend getting all of the wisdom teeth extracted if one is the source of pain. This is because people may experience pain again if the other wisdom teeth push through the gums at a later time. Some dentists do not recommend patients waiting until they experience pain from wisdom teeth. This is because pain is sometimes indicative of a complicated extraction process. For example, pain from wisdom teeth usually occurs later in life when the jawbone is developed. Waiting until the adult years for extraction can mean that the roots of the wisdom teeth will already be anchored into position, and this will be harder than removing them earlier in life when the roots are underdeveloped. 


When dental exams are performed, dentists can see the formation of wisdom teeth. It is possible to detect how the teeth are expected to push through the gums. Sometimes this happens in a manner that is not in alignment with the surrounding teeth. Dentists may recommend extracting wisdom teeth in this position before they can push through. This is especially important if orthodontic treatments have been utilized to straighten the teeth. For example, wisdom teeth can force themselves into position and make other teeth crooked in the process. Someone who has undergone orthodontic treatments might have to undergo them again if their teeth get pushed out of place by wisdom teeth, and they still desire straight teeth. 

Difficult Oral Hygiene

Wisdom teeth are third molars, which is why they are located at the very back of the mouth. Unfortunately, their location makes it harder for some people to effectively brush and floss them. Even if there are no other complications, it might be beneficial for you to have your wisdom teeth removed if you cannot properly clean them. This will reduce the chances of oral disease and decay occurring.