When Is A Dental Bridge A Better Option Than An Implant?

Posted on: 6 March 2018


Today, many dentists push dental implants over dental bridges, and there are many situations when dental implants are the better option. There are also situations when a person would benefit more by choosing a dental bridge rather than an implant. Here are several situations in which a person might be better off choosing dental bridges instead of implants.

When they want to save money

One of the reasons people choose bridges over implants is to save money. A dental bridge will almost cost less to get upfront than an implant; however, dental bridges typically do not last as long as implants. If you compared the costs for both options for the rest of your life, you would probably find that an implant is less costly in the long run, even though it will cost more initially. If you want the most cost-effective option right now, choose a dental bridge.

When they want a solution faster

A lot of people also choose bridges because they do not want to wait for six months or longer to get an implant. Getting an implant can take months or years from start to finish, whereas you can get a dental bridge a lot faster than this. When you initially visit a dentist to begin the bridge process, he or she will place a temporary bridge in your mouth. This will remain for a few weeks while the permanent bridge is being made. Once the permanent bridge is complete, the dentist can replace the temporary one with the permanent one and the process will be complete.

When they do not have enough jawbone to support an implant

The other situation when a bridge is better than an implant is when a person's jawbone is not sufficient for an implant. While there are ways to add bone to the jaw to make the jawbone sufficient, this will cost more and take more time. If you find out that your jawbone is not sufficient, you may want to choose a dental bridge. This would be faster and cheaper, and it would also be a lot easier of a procedure for you to go through.

These are just a few situations where a person should choose a dental bridge instead of an implant. If you have a missing tooth and would like to find out which option is better for you, contact a dentist in your city today.