4 Benefits Of Porcelain Dental Crowns

Posted on: 30 May 2018


If you don't have the perfect smile you want, you're in luck. There are many cosmetic dental services that can give you the beautiful smile you've always wanted. Porcelain dental crowns are one cosmetic choice that is becoming more popular for their many benefits. If you are considering getting porcelain dental crowns, check out these four benefits.

1. They Can Be Placed on All Your Teeth

You may have heard of porcelain veneers, which are extremely popular for their ability to give you an instantly beautiful smile. Unfortunately, they can only be placed on your front teeth. This is because veneers only cover the front of your teeth, but crowns cover the entire tooth. As a result, you can use them on your front teeth and your back teeth.  

2. They Come in All-Porcelain and Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal

Porcelain crowns come in all-porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal. All-porcelain crowns are the most beautiful because they are made completely from porcelain, giving them the look of natural tooth tissue. However, they are not as durable as metal crowns or even porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are made from metal, but they have a coating of porcelain. They are still beautiful, but there is some discoloration at the bottom of the crown where the metal can be seen. For this reason, all-porcelain crowns are usually used on the front teeth, but the back teeth usually need some metal for strength.

3. They Can Fix Many Cosmetic Problems

Dental crowns are a great way to cheat at getting a beautiful smile. They fix many cosmetic problems instantly. They can make your crooked or gapped teeth look straight without actually moving your teeth. They can make your teeth look longer or shorter, depending on your needs. Dental crowns can also hide discoloration that is resistant to whitening, and they can hide cracks, chips, and other imperfections. However, to hold the crowns, your tooth's enamel must be removed, so to keep your healthy, beautiful smile, you'll always have to have crowns.

4. They Strengthen and Protect Teeth

Veneers fix the same cosmetic problems as dental crowns, but they don't strengthen your teeth. Dental crowns do strengthen teeth because they cover every surface. This is extremely beneficial if you have weak teeth from large fillings. With a crown, your fragile teeth are less likely to shatter just from eating. Plus, the crown works like an impenetrable barrier against plaque and bacteria. They can only enter at the gum line.

If you don't have the smile you want, and your teeth are weak, dental crowns may be the perfect solution to finally get a beautiful and healthy smile. For more information regarding dental crowns or other cosmetic dentistry procedures, contact a cosmetic dentist in your area today.