How A Missing Tooth Affects Your Jawbone

Posted on: 27 June 2018


A lot of people realize that having a missing tooth can be embarrassing, but they do not realize that the gap a missing tooth creates can actually negatively affect their jawbone. The jawbone relies on teeth, and it is affected when a tooth a missing. This is one of the reasons dentists suggest replacing teeth if they fall out or have to be extracted. Here are several things to understand about the effects a gap can have on your jawbone.

The density of your jawbone relies on teeth

Your jawbone holds your face in place, supports your teeth, and gives your mouth the prominence it has, but a jawbone can wear away. If this happens, your mouth may begin sinking in, and you could lose teeth. For your jawbone to stay strong, dense, and healthy, it relies on your teeth to be there and to work. Each time you use your teeth to chew up food, it is actually helping your jawbone stay strong. Using your teeth to chew will help your jawbone produce new tissue, and that is what keeps it strong and dense.

The jawbone deteriorates faster than you think

Because your jawbone relies on the use of your teeth, it will begin deteriorating in areas where you are missing your teeth. This deterioration occurs quickly, and it happens much faster than you would expect. After just one year of having a tooth missing, approximately 25% of the width of your jawbone will disappear. In other words, you will lose one-fourth of the thickness of the bone in this area in one year.

An implant stops the deterioration and promotes a healthy jawbone

If you want to keep your jawbone healthy and look nicer, you should consider replacing a missing tooth right after you lose it. You can do this by getting a dental implant, or you could choose a different option. A dental implant is the best choice you have, though, and it will stop your jawbone from deteriorating. As soon as the dentist puts it in your mouth it will act like a normal tooth, and this will keep the jawbone producing new tissue as you use this tooth.

If you are currently living with a gap in your mouth from a tooth coming out, you should consider getting the tooth replaced with a dental implant or with another type of tooth-replacement product. You can visit a dental clinic to learn more about implants and alternative options for replacing missing teeth. Cosmetic dentists like George Kourakin can offer more information.