4 Ways To Feel Confident Wearing Dentures

Posted on: 28 August 2019


Wearing dentures can really help transform your life. However, putting those dentures on for the first time can be a strange experience. If you are getting your first set of same day dentures, here are a few ways to feel confident.

Use the Right Amount of Adhesive

First, you need to make sure that you know how much adhesive you need to apply to your dentures. You actually don't need a lot of adhesive; generally, just a small dab is about all you need in order to get your dentures to stick in place throughout the day. Your dentist should show you how much adhesive to use when you get your dentures as well. If you have questions about how much adhesive you should be using, talk to your dentist.

Get Your Gums Professional Checked

Your dentures rest on your gums. This can be a big change for your gums. That is why you need to make sure that you clean and brush your gums every morning and night, just like how you used to clean your teeth.

You also need to see your dentist on a regular basis to monitor the health of your dentures. If you feel like your gums are sensitive or not feeling right, always head to your dentist for a checkup.

Clean Your Dentures

You need to keep your dentures clean. If your dentures are dirty, they can irritate your gums and mouth. In the evening, take your dentures out of your mouth and gently brush them to remove any build up on your dentures. Soak your dentures overnight, and clean your mouth in the morning before you put your dentures back in.

Walk with Confidence

When it comes to wearing your dentures, put them in and walk with confidence. The truth is that most people are not even going to realize that you are wearing dentures. People who know you well may notice that there is something difference about your appearance, but over time they will forget that you have dentures as well. Enjoy your new dentures and walk with confidence. You have beautiful smile; enjoy it.

When it comes to wearing dentures, get your dentist to help you learn how much adhesive to apply to your dentures. Have your dentist check your gums and make sure the dentures fit perfectly. Be sure to clean your dentures every day, and when you put on your dentures, walk with confidence.