4 Things That Might Be The Reasons For Your Tooth Pain

Posted on: 10 August 2022


There are a variety of things that can cause tooth pain. Some issues related to toothaches are considered emergencies and require immediate emergency dentist services. Other issues may be able to temporarily be handled at home but should be considered as dental emergencies that need to be handled the next business day. Individuals who have severe tooth pain outside of their dentists' business hours may need to go to their nearest emergency room or urgent care for treatment. The following points highlight a few things that could cause toothaches.

Wisdom Teeth  

Some dentists recommend getting wisdom teeth extracted before they erupt. However, some individuals do not get the procedure performed. Erupting wisdom teeth may cause pain, which is often the result of them pushing other teeth out of position. Impacted wisdom teeth that attempt to erupt may also be painful. If wisdom teeth are the cause of tooth pain, individuals are likely to notice tenderness and swelling in the back area of their mouths where their molars are located.

Tooth Decay

Individuals who comply with their recommended dental appointment schedules are more likely to be aware that they have cavities. This discovery can improve the chances of them not having to get extractions or suffer from tooth loss. Tooth decay that has not advanced to the roots may be able to be treated with dental fillings. If there is severe decay that has reached the root, a dentist might recommend a root canal and a dental crown. 

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth has severe decay. It might be accompanied by swollen and irritated gums. Abscessed teeth have exposed nerves and infected roots. This produces pain when pressure is applied during eating or if a person clenches their teeth. Abscessed teeth are dangerous because the infection may enter the bloodstream. It can spread throughout an individual's bloodstream and cause a life-threatening situation.

Loose Dental Work 

Individuals who have dental work such as dental crowns and fillings may discover that they can loosen over time. When this occurs, the underlying tooth is exposed to food, beverages, and bacteria. These substances make contact with unprotected weak teeth causing sensitivity and pain. Since the dental work is loose it can no longer provide the protection needed to keep these substances out.

A dentist is a good resource to use to understand additional things that can cause toothaches. Many dentists have after-hours phone lines that can be utilized to determine the best way to handle a toothache situation if they are not available.