Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

Posted on: 19 October 2022


Many Americans have missing teeth, but there are many ways to replace missing teeth, including dental implants. Dental implants are incredibly durable. Plus, they look like natural teeth because of the porcelain crown, which has the same translucent properties as tooth tissue. If you would like to know more, keep reading.

You Have Missing Teeth or Need Teeth Pulled

Dental implants are a serious procedure that should only be done if you have missing teeth or need teeth pulled due to infection and/or damage. Regardless of how many teeth you're missing, there is an option. For one missing tooth, a single implant with one root and one crown is a great choice.

If you're missing multiple teeth, you may want to consider an implant-supported bridge. They use a few implants to support a lot of missing teeth. If you're missing all of your teeth, ask about implant-supported dentures. Unlike a single implant and implant-supported bridge, the dentures can be removed, so you can clean your gums and the denture plate.

You Have Healthy Gum Tissue

Many people with missing teeth also struggle with gum disease. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss, especially in older Americans. If you've been diagnosed with gingivitis, your dentist will help clean the teeth, kill the bacteria, and create a home regimen. Overtime, the symptoms should subside. For example, small pockets shrink, and the gums should change from red to pink.

If you have advanced gum disease, treatment is similar. The dentist must clean your teeth and kill the bacteria. However, you may need surgical intervention to restore the gums.

Your Jawbone Is Strong

Missing teeth and gum disease also affect the jawbone, causing it to atrophy. If you've been missing teeth for a while, the jawbone in that area has likely shrunk. If you have advanced gum disease, the infection destroys the jawbone, making it weaker.

Unfortunately, for an implant to work, it needs a strong jawbone. Luckily, you can get a bone graft to rebuild the bone tissue. Sources for bone grafts include:

  • Bone from another part of your body
  • Synthetic bone
  • Donor bone from a cadaver

Don't keep hiding your smile. Just because you're missing teeth, you don't have to give up on your oral health. Dental implants can give you back confidence and functionality. If you would like to know more about dental implants, contact a dentist in your area today.