• Help Ease Dental Anxiety With These Tips

    Being a little nervous when you go to the dentist is not uncommon. A survey pointed out that up to 24 percent of the world has some type of anxiety when they see the dentist. Your dentist should have some suggestions to help you overcome this anxiety. And the following tips will also be helpful.  Get Control Over Your Visit Experts have noticed that your anxiety level is dramatically decreased when you have control over your dental visit.
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  • 3-Step Home Remedy For Treating Symptoms From Your Rotten Tooth

    If you are suffering from symptoms of a rotten tooth, you may be waiting to treat it until you are able to see a dentist. If so, use this three-step home remedy that will relieve the pain and keep the tooth from getting infected. The supplies can be found in pharmacies and many grocery stores. Step 1:  Brush With Baking Soda And Clove Oil Toothpaste The baking soda in this toothpaste gently cleans any food or debris off of the tooth surface.
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